The Birds and the Bees come to Miracle Theatre in the spring
Oct 28, 2019

The Birds and the Bees come to Miracle Theatre in the spring

Article Credit: Prince George Daily News

Photo Credit: Bill Phillips

Prince George’s Miracle Theatre will be returning in the spring and, for the second year in a row, the Community Foundation’s The Children of Prince George Fund will be the beneficiary of all the proceeds.

It’s the fifth production for the Miracle Theatre, created by Anne Laughlin and Ted Price.

“Halfway There was our last play and it started The Children of Prince George Fund under the trusteeship of the foundation,” said Price. “The idea of starting an endowment fund to help children in need was something we could instantly get behind.  But more importantly, our audiences were eager to get behind it as well.” 

Halfway There raised a record $84,000 for the new fund and the goal this year is to raise $71,298.

"Meeting this goal would mean that over four years and two months, Miracle Theatre’s donations to our city’s non-profits will reach  $300,000,” said Price. “That is such a nice number to hit. In addition that goal will also allow The Children of Prince George Fund to  achieve critical mass.  That goal will allow the fund to grow to over $150,000.”

Miracle Theatre has secured the rights to Mark Crawford’s The Birds and The Bees.

The Birds and The Bees will run from Feb. 12 to March 4.  

Tickets are $34, at Books and Company –  available in person or by phone.

The play will be produced by Laughlin and directed and designed by Price. In addition a large group of supporters contribute to each production in such areas as carpentry, costumes, painting, promotion, lighting, sound, and front of house.

The production, with actors recruited nationally, is being cast and contracted with the co-operation of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.